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Trust Development Plan

Inspired by the teachings of Christ and the example of St Francis, we strive for excellence, cherishing every child in our care as a unique thumbprint of God, enabling all to realise their full potential.





On this page you will find the overall Trust Strategic Objectives for 2023/24, as well as the more detailed Educational Trust Development Plan.  The development plan arises from a close collaboration between Trust Headteachers, the Executive, Directors and Local Governing Bodies throughout April to July 2023.  Our key development priorities are:

1. To improve the quality of Catholic education in our schools, specifically in respect of Chaplaincy provision and Liturgy, Curriculum planning, Writing skills, and SEND outcomes;

2. Investment in and support of our Headteachers;

3. Financial savings and efficiencies (doing / getting / delivering 'more for less');

4. Embedding our new Schedule of Business / Roles and Responsibilities / Terms of Reference (incl. Scheme of Delegation) across all 8 schools;

5. Reviewing our Trust Growth Plan with support from RCDOW.   

You can find more about these objectives in the documentation on this page and across our website.

These objectives arise directly from the mission of our Trust which is to provide outstanding Catholic education for all the children in our schools.  The projects were felt by Heads to be of the highest importance across all our schools, and as will be seen in the development plan arising, the resulting collaboration across our schools will deliver more transformative and sustainable school improvement than would be the case were each school working on these priorities as 'lone islands'.

Our development plan is inspired by the example and teachings of Christ as we strive for excellence in all areas of our work and cherish every child in our care.  At the heart of our mission and purpose is the belief that every child has a right to educational excellence through high quality teaching and pastoral care.  Through our support for the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical development of each child, we will ensure their intellectual growth, progress and achievements meet their aspirations.